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Through our workshop programmes, we aim to support self-help, self-management, and self-development for people looking to work through the difficult issues that we face.

We have a professionally trained, registered and approved team of experts who can help guide you through any issues you may have, ranging from social care, counselling, therapeutic services and training. We offer courses, which will help you to empower and manage those whose lives have been affected with HIV

Our workshops are available to anyone, after an initial consultation. This includes partners, family and friends of people living with HIV and any other STI (sexually transmitted infections) listed in our information packs. We also offer advice and training to people at risk of STI’s. We aim to offer services that are appropriate for all sections of the community.

Referral, Advice, Education and Information
We provide assisted information, referral and signposting to BMER communities on where and how to access sexual health services.

Community Peer Education
A sexual health training programme to educate and empower specific community groups for whom English is a second

Parents & Carers Sexual Health Training
Specific sexual health training programmes for parents/carers on sexual health issues.

Peer Education for Young People
A sexual health training programme to empower young people to educate their peers through outreach activities, media and group discussions.

Drop in sessions
SHAKA provides drop in sessions in colleges, Schools and Youth Clubs on sexual health issues, and related drugs and alcohol advice.

Outreach Condom Distribution
Dissemination of sexual health promotion literature and condoms in community centres, youth clubs/nightclubs, and BME businesses such as barbershops and hairdressers.